Martin and Jake are being tested again on an excursion to the Natural History Museum with the rest of the children from the board and care facility. A webcam exhibit broadcasting a live visual of the Louvre in Paris links Jake and Martin to a young woman named Veronique. As it turns out Veronique’s biological mother is the same woman standing in the museum next to Martin, whom Veronique had believed to have died during childbirth. Jake’s latest mathematical clue is a pattern of triangles, which leads Jake and Martin to a nearby hotel where they meet Veronique’s twin sister, Nundu.

The first part of Veronique and Nundu’s story unfolded quite naturally, with the sisters being reunited before the halfway mark, however the remainder of this bungled adoption scam was a little messy. Based on some quick Pythagorean calculations, Martin realises that there’s another link in their story, the number 1604. This turns out to be the cab number of their father, who’s been chauffeuring an obstetrician around on some suspicious business. The cabbie quickly figures out that the doctor is the very same man who bought one of his twin daughters from him 21 years ago, for sale on the black market. The idea that Martin managed to track down the dodgy doctor at JFK and arrange for a police escort before even reaching the terminal building is a little far-fetched.

The dispatcher at the cab depot also happened to cross over with an astronaut named Gio, whose partner is desperately trying to reach him before they get to the ‘zone of exclusion’. The dispatcher’s rusty old HAM radio manages to get through to Gio after all the other high-tech systems failed, saving the Italian astronaut’s life. The expression of pride on the dispatcher’s face at finally getting a response from his cabbies was a sweet way to end this part of the story.

The most significant parts of the episode though were two very short sequences between Jake and Martin, illustrating their deepening father-son bond. First there was the small moment in the museum where Jake looked directly into Martin’s eyes in an attempt to communicate. It may have gone unnoticed by Clea and anyone else in the room, but to Martin it almost came as a shock. The final few minutes of the episode saw the two of them take a step closer, with Martin taking part in Jake’s game of Cat’s Cradle. Their relationship is slowly progressing, but with Clea off Jake’s case it seems as though the prospect of Jake remaining in his father’s care is fairly unlikely. What lies behind the mysterious door 6 remains to be seen, but Sheri’s secretive behaviour seems to suggest that there’s definitely something worth hiding. With Teller gone and Clea being officially watched, it’ll be down to Jake and Martin to figure out just what that something is.