Time and again this season, a relatively strong episode has been followed-up the next week by a somewhat weaker one. After last week’s surprisingly funny episode “Test the Store”, I probably should have expected Last Day in Florida to at least partly disappoint me.

After learning that Robert plans to scrap the Sabre store and fire Dwight in the process, Jim tries to warn his long-time nemesis of his impending dismissal. Meanwhile, back in Scranton, Toby and Darryl battle it out over who can sell their daughters’ Girl Scout cookies to Kevin. The contrast between these two storylines was often jarring, but individually they were both entertaining. It was bizarre to go from seeing Jim trying to save Dwight’s career to Toby and Darryl grovelling at Kevin’s feet.

The A-storyline (with Jim and Dwight) was far more enjoyable than the B-plot. As I’ve said before, the Jim-Dwight relationship is one of my favourites on the entire show, and honestly, since Michael’s departure, has probably become the most interesting, as well. Whether they’re simply fighting, or working together for the greater good, their relationship has been put on full display throughout the Tallahassee arc. Some of the nicest moments in The Office’s run have been centred around their relationship: most notably when Jim tries his hardest to console Dwight after his and Angela’s break-up in “Money”. So, to see Jim try to help Dwight was just lovely.

The B-plot was a little cartoonish, especially—as I mentioned earlier—in contrast with the other main storyline, but fortunately did feature some bright spots. Sad, pathetic Toby is always something I like to see on this show, but once again, this episode featured way too much Kevin. He’s okay in small doses, but when a whole storyline is built around him, it gets to be a little much.

The C-plot featured Erin at her new home with Irene, the elderly lady she now ‘cares’ for. Erin is slowly becoming the most consistent and reliable character on the show, and to be honest, is there anything funnier than knowing that for her, tea is just boiled Gatorade? It will be nice to see her interact with Andy again in the next episode, once he travels down to Tallahassee to try and get her back to Scranton, but I don’t really have high hopes for a nice resolution. This season, the more emotional moments haven’t really been resolved that well (see: Ryan this week after his dramatic exit in the last episode).

Overall, this episode wasn’t terribly disappointing, but after such a strong episode last week, I was hoping it would be a little more consistent. I’m giving it a B.