Thursday came with it upgrades to local streaming service Quickflix. Following on from an update to the software powering their PS3 portal, came the announcement that TV shows are now also streaming on the service.

Replicating the existing DVD libraries of many Australians comes access to 14 TV show titles in the Quickflix streaming library. Many of these have been made available by way of the recent deal struck between Quickflix and US cable giant HBO. Now available for viewers are:

Band of Brothers
Black Adder (series 1-3)
Doctor Who 2005 (series 1)
Entourage (season 1-2)
Faulty Towers (series 1)
Flight of The Conchords (season 1-2)
Gavin & Stacey (series 1)
Generation Kill
Hotel Babylon (series 1)
The Mighty Boosh (series 1)
Robin Hood (series 1)
Sex & The City (season 1)
Spooks (series 1)
True Blood (Season 1)

While each are good titles to have in the library, the range of episodes available really is very limited. And considering the age of all of the series on offer, it is somewhat disappointing that more recent seasons are not available to stream. The real strength of TV on streaming services like this is the opportunity to marathon a show and to be able to sample new series. All of the titles added at launch are of well-worn series that already populate many of the DVD collections of those interested. It’s nice to see Generation Kill in the library.

Is it possible that the selection is limited so as not to cannibalise upon HBO’s higher selling DVD sets in Australia? If so, it’s great for HBO who may be able to whet the appetite of a viewer with season 1 of True Blood, inspiring them to buy the later seasons on DVD, but that’s hardly delivering much real value to ones Quickflix subscription.

Meanwhile the upgrade to the Quickflix application is an improvement in regards to speed and it appears that they have adjusted the coarseness of the red colouring in their menu imagery (or is that my eyes playing tricks?). The application is, however, still awkward to navigate and maintains all of the problematic UI issues that have plagued the app from the beginning. It is worth noting that the application available on Sony televisions is much easier on the eyes, but faces similar navigation issues to the PS3 app.

A recent deal signed with ITV from the UK will boost their library from May. The deal provides access to shows like Prime Suspect, Cold Feet, Hornblower, Brideshead Revisited, Trial & Retribution, and Above Suspicion.

Strap yourselves in.