For a half-hour that was relatively light on laughs, ‘Angry Andy’ was one of the most satisfying episodes of The Office since Michael Scott’s farewell at the tail end of season seven. Unfortunately, as I alluded to earlier, the episode went for long-stretches without any funny moments (including the cold open), and sadly, this wasn’t intentional.

Andy returns to the office only to find that Nellie has taken his position as regional manager at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin/Sabre. Of course, Robert California doesn’t choose to take any real action against Nellie, and Andy is utterly helpless in the situation he has found himself in. The stress of the debacle leads to—um, how should I say this?—performance difficulties between him and Erin. The awkward conversations arising from Andy’s problem were great—particularly the office-wide discussion of it in the conference room—but Nellie is so grating that it’s often impossible to find her funny. Every time she contributed to the conversation, the episode would come to a grinding halt. Which brings me to why this episode was so thoroughly satisfying; it signalled the return of (as the title suggested) the crazy, angry Andy.

Seeing Andy and Erin scream at Nellie and Robert was fantastic. Any regular reader would know that I don’t particularly care for the new additions to the cast, so to see Andy finally lose his cool—something I’ve been hoping would happen again—at two of the show’s least likable characters was oddly cathartic. This scene wasn’t necessarily funny, but as I said, truly enjoyable.

Meanwhile, after Kelly begins dating Ravi—Jim and Pam’s paediatrician—Ryan finds himself feeling actual jealousy. Of course, Kelly has to choose between the two, and it’s really no surprise that she finds herself in Ryan’s arms once more, despite the fact that he’s just awful.

In the end, I didn’t really mind that this episode wasn’t full of laughs, because the episode finished with a scene that I had been hoping to see all season. Sure, Nellie and Robert are still in the show, but I’m willing to put up with them if this means that Andy will be the same as he was in this episode and the show’s golden-age, season three. I’m giving this episode a B+, if only just for Andy punching another hole in the wall.