“You hit a woman?”
“I hit a Nazi”

This, the fifth episode of the six episode run that is Danger 5, is the most confident and successful outing of the show. Every element clicks into place for “Fresh Meat For Hitler’s Sex Kitchen”. This week we get familiar period tropes like murders on a train, but this is mixed in with favoured genre concepts like Hitlers fascination with the occult. The result is an episode that is almost as fun as a glass of fizzy Fanta.

The episode opens at the Palomino, a brothel in Switzerland where Allied soldiers are cavorting with the ladies of the establishment. When the place is taken over by Nazi’s, the ladies of the Palomino are replaced with blue-eyed, blonde-haired Nazi hookers. Danger 5 is sent by the Colonel to find out why so many troops have been defecting to the Nazi’s and kill Hitler.

Going undercover at the Palomino, the team discover that Hitler is transmitting sexually transmitted Nazi-ism to the Allied troops through his flock of Nazi hookers. The lovely Ilsa, captured late in the episode, falls prey to an attractive Nazi boxer placed in her cell. After having her ravenous way with him, she soon finds her Nazi conversion is underway. It is as a Nazi that she pulls a gun on Pierre, but a fired bullet is stopped by Pierres love interest in the show. His love, Gwendolyn (a Swiss prostitute working for the Palomino) sacrifices her life for Pierre, splashing some of her Swiss blood onto Ilsa which manages to cure her. Gwendolyn dies in Pierres arms as she recounts the recipe for the perfect Swiss Kiss cocktail.

I’ve said it before while reviewing Danger 5, but the series always seems to work best when Pierre is taking a lead role on the show. The character, unburdened by any ongoing romance, and loaded with one of the most deliciously silly repeated gags (every episode a person dies in his arms while reciting a cocktail recipe to him), always sparkles on screen. While it’s no slight to the rest of the cast, Aldo Mignone manages each week to steal the show. It is no coincidence that this episode, which is grounded by a romance for Pierre at the centre of the episode, manages to be its most successful outing.

One of the more inspired moments from the episode has Ilsa demanding a cure from Hitler for her impending Nazi transformation. Hitler provides her with an elixar that turns out to be an orange fizzy drink. As I recall from my extensive research on Wikipedia, the soft drink Fanta is actually ¬†byproduct of World War II – a beverage created by an enterprising factory owner who was no longer able to get the Coca Cola syrup into Germany during the war. Just think about that next time you’re throwing back a can of Fanta.

Memorable Moments:

Pierre recounts the death of his father, who advises him on the sort of coctail to use  a cocktail.

Pierre and Gwendolyn on the bed making out as two faux lesbian prostitutes for the amusement of a Nazi.


Danger 5 screens on SBS1 at 9:30pm on Monday nights. The series is now available on DVD from Madman.