[PODCAST] In Review: Episode 59

There’s so much TV on right now and we’re having trouble keeping up with it all. There are worse problems to have. Prue and Dan have whittled the list down and have settled upon:

1hSYLv9True Detective (S01E02)
Looking (S01E01)
How I Met Your Mother (S09E15)
The Mindy Project (S02E14)
Flowers In The Attic (TV movie)

And more.

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Dan Barrett is the Content Director of Televised Revolution. His musings on television have been heard across ABC Radio, on websites like The Guardian and Crikey, and drunkenly in pubs across the country. At night he spends too many hours watching repeats of Cheers.

One thought on “[PODCAST] In Review: Episode 59

  1. dave o says:

    Hi guys, boldly going to some contentious themes here. Thanks for your discussion on the TRevIR.
    Re. the HiMYM storm, i refer anyone to recent ’13 articles on calling or denying racism in the media. Critics jumped on the show Dads for having a problematic depiction of a female character last year. There needs to be a light shone on these occurrences. I think you said something similar Dan..

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