‘Politics’ launched straight into confronting some of the conflicts that have been progressing all season – but with so many dramatic storylines on the go, an hour was only enough time to deal with half of these.

Jasmine broke the news to Crosby that she’s considering moving in with Dr. Joe. I hoped against all hope that Crosby would respond with a bit more maturity than he did, but he made it clear that despite having moved on with celloist Lily, his feelings for Jasmine are still stirring under the surface (and occasionally bubbling over during drunken chats with Lily – wince). Crosby’s housewarming gift to Jasmine just about broke my heart. It such an unexpected, thoughtful gesture that proved just how difficult it’s going to be for these two to watch each other find happiness elsewhere.

After continuing to impress her cute new boss, Amber’s been promoted to the position of Bob’s assistant. The chemistry between these two is palpable, and as much as I squealed with delight at their office kiss, it was still a slightly uncomfortable moment to watch. Like Amber, I was worried that she’d scored the promotion because of Bob’s feelings for her rather than her capabilities. The explanation that he wanted to promote Amber and kiss her for the same reasons was complicated, but a true reflection of Amber’s character – “you’re tough, but you have this vulnerability about you that is just incredible”. This fragile relationship could so easily be turned into a clichéd political scandal, but I’m confident Parenthood will handle it with more class and allow Amber and Bob to resolve their feelings in a more intimate, secretive way.

Sarah and Mark have reached the comfortable “I love you too – yay!” point in their relationship where it’s time to start introducing one another to their friends. As bubbly and welcoming as Mark’s buddies may be, they inadvertently made it clear to Sarah that there’s a lot of not-yet-chased dreams of Mark’s that she didn’t know about. Sarah’s always been insecure about the age gap but this issue brings it straight to the forefront. Mark, being the all-round good guy that he is didn’t hesitate for a moment before choosing baby instead of travelling. I think it would’ve been more interesting to have them decide to jet off to Morrocco for a year at the end of the season, especially considering how much baby talk we’ve been bombarded with this season. Nevertheless this direction promises to provide plenty of challenges for the couple and their relationships.

On a final note, Sam Jaeger and Rosa Salazar delivered another poignant scene at the end of the episode, with Zoe finally voicing her emotional struggle after weeks of stubborn secrecy. I absolutely felt for Juls sobbing into the arms of her (gorgeous) supportive husband, but I think it was necessary that we see how difficult the process is for Zoe as well.