With news that David Tennant is set to hang up his keys to the Tardis, the question on the minds of nerds everywhere (other than whether Batman actually dies in Batman #681) is who will take over the role of Doctor Who in its 2010 season.

While David Morrissey keeps having his name bandied about, the really interesting rumour is that Peep Shows Patterson Joseph is a leading contender. Rumour columnist Rich Johnson has been following the hubbub for a while and has today come out stating he has been made aware that Patterson has in fact been offered the gig.

As a fan of Patterson from his work on Peep Show and That Mitchell & Webb Look, I’m quite jazzed about the idea. As entertaining as Tennant has been, I’ve often considered his casting to be a tad too obvious. For me, the character works best when you have an actor playing the character in a manner that defies expectation. The thuggish Christopher Eccleston, for example. Patterson Joseph fits this mould perfectly.

Patterson Joseph...the cheeky monkey

Actor Phillip Rhys, who has just worked with Patterson Joseph seems to have some inside word that he doesn’t mind blabbing on national television.