Set in the in the Spanish resort town of the same name, Benidorm is a comedy series airing on IT1. Featuring an ensemble cast it is set at the Solana All Inclusive Resort and depicts the comings and goings of holidays makers there for a good time. Benidiorm is to Brits, what Bali is to Aussies, cheap, boozy and full of cashed up bogans.

Series 5 sees the return of the Garvey family, matriarch Madge, daugher Janice and son in law Mick who have been mainstays at the resort since the first series. Rounding out the returning holiday makers are swinging couple Jacqueline and Donald as well party animal Sam and her new pal Trudy.

Much of the humour is through poking fun at class, sex and the stereotype of the loud English person abroad.  The acting is excellent, well balanced and believable which gives the characters authenticity. The innuendo (and there is lots of it) is spoken so earnestly, it can take a moment or two to catch on. This season’s storylines have revolved around attempts at the Hotel to lift its status to a 4 star establishment, which has been thwarted in one way or another through staff incompetence and the stature of here for a bargain residents.

I don’t mind Benidorm, it’s done well to last this long and is well like by viewers in the UK. Though for me, like the tight-assed English holiday maker, I want bang for my buck so I probably wouldn’t waste my precious download limits on it each week, but if it makes it’s way to free to air TV, I’d certainly give it a look in.

The final episode of season 5 of Benidorm will air on Friday night on ITV1

Our Food is a brand new four part series premiering tonight (Wednesday) on BBC Two. Hosted by food critic Giles Coren (most well known for his Supersizers series’ with Sue Perkins) the show looks at the how the UK landscape, climate and history defines what the types of foods are grown in each area of the country.  Each week Giles and his team of enthusiastic minions will descend upon a different county, meet local food producers, look at how agriculture has developed over the years and try dishes and produce endemic to the region.

The wandering traveller sampling local fare is a tried and tested formula in the UK. The Hairy Bikers have done it (Hairy Bikers food tour of Britain) even Australian chef Bill Granger had a stab with his Bill’s Tasty Weekends series which aired on the ABC last year. Our Food appears to be a hybridisation of the wandering foodie type show, but with a more historical feel.

Format wise, it is very similar in concept to the popular BBC2 documentary series Coast (currently airing most nights on SBS) featuring a main host,  and then an ensemble cast of specialists. In this case foodie Coren is supported by a doctor of Art History, an Archaeologist, Horticulturalist and an Ethno botanist.

The success of the show will largely be determined by Coren and his team’s abilities to engage with the people they meet while in these areas and their on screen presence. As someone who likes food, history and Giles Coren I’ll certainly be tuning in.

This week sees the second last episode of the BBC1 drama White Heat airing on Thursday night.

As with previous episodes, the 2012 versions of the cast are still cleaning out the London flat where they all once lived, (simmering in the passive aggressive tension of 40 years of unresolved issues) and waiting for the 6th member of the party to arrive, thus revealing which member of the group has passed away.

The flashback portion of the episode (called Eye of the Needle) takes place in 1982 where the group is summoned by Jay and Orla to help detox Jack, who has managed to get himself hooked on heroin. Charlotte also discovers that Jack, despite being a total dick still has a hold on her.

As the famous proverb states, it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for Charlotte to wake the fuck up to herself and stop being such a doormat.