The US Wrap: 3rd April 2012

The King of television…

The ‘it’ show of the week with the most buzz by far has to be HBO’s medieval drama Game of Thrones, which launches into its second season. After an extremely successful first season, the show is an adaptation of the fantasy novel A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. After it’s premiere one year ago people were declaring the show as ‘the best thing on television’ and it became weekly appointment television.¬† It is highly recommended that you catch all ten episodes of the first season before jumping on the bandwagon for season two. In terms of it’s production, casting, writing and sheer cinematic presence, television doesn’t come much better than this. Here is a preview of the weeks ahead in season two:

The Killing is still alive…

If you weren’t what seemed like more than half the internet that were extremely cheesed off with the end of the first season of AMC’s drama series¬†The Killing then you will be pleased to know that it’s second season starts with a two hour premiere this week. After a promising start The Killing, which followed the investigation of the death of local teenager Rosie Larson (think Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks, or Lily Kane in Veronica Mars) failed to give viewers the pay off of Larson’s killer at seasons end. Instead, show runner Veena Sud announced that Rosie Larson’s murderer wouldn’t be revealed until the end of season two. So you’ll have to stay around for another thirteen episodes if you are still sticking it out. It’s a real shame, as despite some genuinely great performances and enormous potential, the show’s writing and slow burn approach really let it down in the latter half of the first season.


Brand new on NBC this week, in what is another comedy burn off (after Bent a few weeks ago) is Best Friends Forever (BFF). The show follows the lives of two friends (*best* friends!) Jessica and Lennon who are reunited after Jessica’s divorce. Jessica flies back across the country and moves in with Lennon and her boyfriend Joe and just like that, we basically have the premise of Three’s Company. Interestingly, the series was created by the stars Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair playing fictional versions of themselves. Adam Pally (Max on Happy Endings) was originally cast in the role of Joe before Happy Endings was renewed for a second season. By burying this show and Bent (and last season’s Friends With Benefits) one has to wonder why NBC even bothers ordering these shows in the first place, with no intention to facilitate their success in any way given their extreme lack of promotion. Don’t expect it to stick around.

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