This week marked the return to television for Amy Sherman-Palladino, who of course is known for creating the hit series Gilmore Girls. Her new show Bunheads premiered this week on ABC Family and is her first major return to television since the fast talking mother and daughter duo from Stars Hollow (fans often discount the major flop on the FOX network The Return of Jezebel James which was cancelled after three episodes in 2008).

Bunheads is the story of down on her luck dancer Michelle Simms (played by broadway vet Sutton Foster) who impulsively marries her persistent admirer Hubbell Flowers (played by Alan Ruck) and ends up moving to his quirky small coastal town called Paradise to live with his mother (played by Gilmore alum Kelly Bishop) who runs a ballet school. There are a lot of similarities between Bunheads and the Gilmore Girls – different generations of women, the musical cues (also composed by Sam Phillips), a quirky town and characters, as well as rapid fast pop culture dialogue. Sherman-Palladino’s voice is distinct, and if you know anything about her you could almost mistake Michelle to actually be her (I know I did). Bunheads is funny, and also packs surprising emotional punch in the closing minutes of its pilot. Foster is a star and great in the lead role, but occasionally does come off as a bit annoying which hopefully will ease up beyond the pilot. The young ballet dancing girls are also charming and well cast, particularly newcomer Kaitlyn Jenkins as Boo Jordan. Fans of Gilmore Girls should enjoy this outing, especially with a few of the familiar faces but its still up in the air how the unfortunately titled Bunheads will fair on the usually younger skewing ABC Family.

If anybody was thinking to themselves lately that they have really missed the 1978 series Dallas from their lives then TNT has answered the question nobody has been asking and revived the series. The 2012 version of Dallas stars Josh Henderson (Desperate Housewives), Jesse Metcalfe (also of Desperate Housewives) and Jordana Brewster (the Fast and the Furious series). Dallas premiered this Wednesday and ten episodes of the show have been produced.

Meanwhile over on USA network fans can catch the new season premieres of Burn Notice (season 6) and Suits (season 2). At HBO, the fifth season of fan favourite vampire series True Blood aired in the US this past Sunday.