One of the more interesting TV projects to launch this year is the Julian Assange chat show. The controversial Wikileaks founder has been under house arrest in England, which hasn’t stopped him recording a 12 episode chat show and a guest spot on The Simpsons.

‘The World Tomorrow’ has Assange interviewing a different guest each week, with each episode running for 26 minutes. Lengthier edits of the interview will likely also be made available online. While the show is set to be a fairly traditional format interview show, no different really than you’d find on a Piers Morgan or David Frost interview show, it will be the choice of guests that will really make this a unique TV experience. It is safe to assume that the type of guest that a) Assange would be interested in booking; and b) would want to be associated with a show hosted by a controversial figure like Assange, will be quite interesting indeed.

RT, a Russian Govt funded broadcaster (similar to our own Australia Network, or the US’ Voices of America), is the first broadcaster so far announced to be carrying the program. With RT available on US cable channels, it means that the Assange program will be available in a large number of US households – an important consideration for Assange. With the show going to air in New York at 7:30am, it is safe to assume that Assange intends for his program to make an impact on the days news cycle.

No doubt the show will likely garner far more viewers online than across the RT network. It is this aspect, moreso than any content on the show itself, that makes ‘The World Tomorrow’ truly a TV show for the modern era.

As an interesting aside, the theme song to the show is to be performed by MIA.

The program goes to air today at 15:30 Moscow time, which places it at 9:30pm AEST in Australia. The program will be made available online once it goes to air in a variety of formats for download. If interested, be sure to check it out at the official The World Tomorrow site.