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Televised Revolution: In Review – Episode 9

This week we wrap up the loose ends of the 2011/12 US TV season. We take a look at the season finales of the few remaining shows on US FTA TV as we cleanse ourselves and prepare for our focus to shift on more UK content, local Australian shows, and a handful of US cable series.

But, what do we look at this week?

  • Dan and Prue get confused after watching three episodes of Community back to back. They also ponder a Dan Harmon-less future for the show. (S03E20-22)
  • 30 Rock closes one of its best seasons to date. (S06E22)
  • Don’t Trust The B In Apt 23 entrenches itself further as tasty TV candy. (S01E6)
  • Happy Endings comes back with a lost episode that we can’t quite find placement for.

As always, this is just the tip of the televisual iceberg.

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Dan Barrett

Dan Barrett is the Content Producer of Televised Revolution and serves as Deputy Editor for Mediaweek. His musings on television have been heard across ABC Radio, on websites like The Guardian and Crikey, and to strangers on the train during the commute home. He finds nothing wrong in spending entire weeks watching nothing but Cheers.


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  • Chris, I need more words. Were the episodes themselves awful, or is it the Dan Harmon business that has you riled up?

    If it is the former, did you dislike all three episodes? And can you remind us what that third episode was about as clearly Prue and I have no clue.

  • I rated all three episodes as awful on first watch, but I may go back and watch again just make sure it wasn’t Chris from the evil timeline watching them.

    The computer game one, I am pretty sure was truly, truly terrible. Its indicative of what has happened to the show, they come up with a gimmick, you work out the gimmick in seconds, and they go *nowhere* with it.

    The heist episode was OK I guess, but again it just feels like gimmicks for gimmicks’ sake these days.

    The last one was Abed vs evil Abed with good Abed winning in the end, sandwich shop courtroom drama and Troy in the AC repair school sun chamber. Meh.

    As for Harmon, it does seem truly bizarre to renew the show but also lose all the writers. I would love to know what goes through TV execs. minds, hmm then again maybe not.

  • Firstly, thanks for the mention at the end of the episode. If you ever have any suggestions for episodes you want me to review, just drop me a message.

    Secondly, I thought that the video game episode represented a lost opportunity. Part of the greatness of the paintball episodes was that it utilised the secondary cast. When I heard the phrase “video game”, I thought it would be like South Park’s World of Warcraft episode. For me, that was the biggest disappointment of this season’s ending. There was no massive spectacle that brought in those minor characters.