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Televised Revolution: In Review – Episode 11

We take a break from our usual discussion for this special chat about TV finales. With TV taking a bit of a quiet turn this week, we thought the time was right for an extended look at the art of the television finale. What makes for a great season closer and what makes for a bad one? And what about when a show is winding down? What is necessary for the final ever episode of a series to provide the closure the audience yearns for?

Listen in for our panel discussion on this and tune in next week as we look at the series finales of Game of Thrones and Mad Men.

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Dan Barrett

Dan Barrett is the Content Producer of Televised Revolution and serves as Deputy Editor for Mediaweek. His musings on television have been heard across ABC Radio, on websites like The Guardian and Crikey, and to strangers on the train during the commute home. He finds nothing wrong in spending entire weeks watching nothing but Cheers.

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