As Televised Revolution celebrates it’s fifth anniversary this week, the Australian television industry faces a somewhat uncertain future following this weeks announcement that the ACCC have given the green light to a merger between pay television heavyweights Foxtel and Austar. While the merger itself isn’t such a big issue, the possibilities of a Foxtel even further strengthened in the marketplace is a concern. What does a stronger Foxtel mean and how does that impact upon the future of what we watch on TV in Australia?

More troubling is that this podcast represents five years since Simon Band jumped on the Televised Revolution train. For much of the lifespan of Televised Revolution as a radio show and then podcast, Simon has been an integral part of that. And so, as this podcast gets boozier and boozier over its 43 minute running time, we discuss:

  • The Foxtel / Austar merger
  • US journalist Mike Wallace passes on
  • Kath & Kim are set to make a return to TV

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