We’ve been waiting for what’s felt like an eternity for baby Erikson to make his or her entrance into the world, and after “Good Crazy”, we’re one step closer.

Before we delve into the exciting events of the last five minutes though, let’s first recap what’s going on elsewhere.

Ted’s ready to get back out into the dating world, and after Barney refuses to set him up with one of Quinn’s stripper friends, he resorts to internet dating. I knew the first hottie Ted picked up would be a man, I didn’t expect it to be Barney though. Thankfully his best friend sets him up on a few dates with real women (the three with display pictures that showed the most boobs), but the trouble begins as Ted starts seeing Robin’s face in every woman he meets. It’s understandable that Ted would be clinging on to some semblance of the past – as one of the imaginary Robins pointed out, everything else in his life is changing and he’s just grasping for comfort and familiarity. It does feel a little as though we’ve been down this road many times before though. Ted finds his palette cleanser in third date Holly, a pretty brunette who’s also getting over someone, though his internal struggle continues.

Barney still hasn’t owned up to the fact that he’s uncomfortable as all hell about his girlfriend’s line of work. After bumping into trench-coat wearing clients in the street, it’s reached the point where he has to say something. However in true Barney fashion, instead of being upfront and explaining his feelings to Quinn, he tries to fix it by creating a job for her a Goliath National Bank. Which goes down about as well as a spoon full of crushed glass. I did appreciate though that even in their arguments the two can make jokes at the other’s expense. Barney and Quinn’s characters share several personality traits, which is one reason their dynamic works so well, but it just may turn out to be what breaks them apart as well. Barney’s ‘condolences’ high fives were definitely a highlight and they most certainly exist in real life.

So back to Marshall and Lily’s baby mania. It was really sweet to watch sleepy Marshall dutifully springing from the bed to soothe the practice watermelon baby. This over-zealous parenting preparation puts Lily into a bit of a head spin, spawning the Eriksons’ first parental argument. In an effort to relax Marshall and smooth over their fight, Lily recruits Barney to take him on a boys’ weekend to Atlantic City. As soon as Barney suggested an hour of phone free bro time, I just knew that Lily would pop at the worst possible moment. (side note, The Ducky Tie has made a come back, win!)

With Barney and Marshall out of the city and otherwise incapacitated, Lily just might have to make do with Ted and Robin to get her through the labour. Could this also serve as a healing exercise for Ted and Robin? Regardless, I’m excited to see how things pan out!