25 Days of Christmas

Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of people. Here at The 400 Club it’s the perfect excuse to sit down and rewatch those classic Christmas episodes of all our favourite shows. This holiday season we’ll be working our way through 25 (one a day right up to Christmas) of our absolute favourites. So get your hands on as many of the episodes as you can and come join us for 25 days of Christmas!

The first week’s schedule goes a little something like this:

Wednesday 1st – The Sopranos – To Save Us All From Satan’s Power (Dave Owen)

Thursday 2nd – The X-Files – The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas (Ystyn Francis)

Friday 3rd – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – A Very Sunny Christmas (Richard Sellers)

Saturday 4th – Six Feet Under – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (David Faraker)

Sunday 5th – The O.C. – The Best Christmukkah Ever (Simon Band)

Monday 6th – Seinfeld – The Strike (Sam Atwood)

Tuesday 7th – Blackadder – Blackadder’s Christmas Carol (Ystyn Francis)

4 thoughts on “25 Days of Christmas

  1. CP says:

    Do I get to claim any small measure of credit for this idea, or at least its name? If not, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

    Note to self: Get a lawyer.

  2. Dave says:

    haha please do claim some credit! For those of you wondering who Chris is he recently completed 100 Days of Action. A truly awesome feat. Check it out here – http://www.100daysofaction.net/

  3. CP says:

    Haha! I was just being a scumbag. Cheers for the plug though!

    Now I’m done with that I can reconnect with some much-needed TV. I’ll be 400ing with some serious regularity. Keep up the epic work. Series I own but haven’t gotten through yet (I know, shame): Sopranos, The Wire, Mad Men (Season 3 onwards), Friday Night Lights (Season 3 onwards). I’ve got work to do.

    Merry Christmas 400ers!

  4. Dave says:

    Dude well if you ever want to do some retrospectives on here let me know. We’d be stoked to hear what you have to say about The Sopranos or The Wire or any number of other stuff. As for the shout out more than happy man. I am sure that list will quite quickly become a yearly tradition with some people… (cough cough me)

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