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  • hi dan

    What a may be an idea for a future topic is how far behind you are in watching some series due to time constraints
    For example All though I record Game of thrones every monday direct I am 2 seasons behind in watching it and i try to avoid spoilers same with walking dead 2 seasons behind and the last season of madmen has been on my pvr for a year ( 14 episodes )

    Regards trevor

  • Hi last week Time magazine had an article

    Basically it said that because of all the new options there is so much scripted TV no can keep up with it.

    I immediately thought of the guys from television revolution How can you keep up with new shows when you are watching the Gilmore girls?

    It ended with a version of the serenity prayer ‘Grant me the serenity to accept the TV i can’t see, the wisdom to know the TV I must see and the courage to change the channel’.

    very wise words

    Keep up the good work

    Cheers Glenn