BYOD Device To Virgin Australia. And I Love It!

Available platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android. Accessed:┬áiPad (Generation 3) It’s the little things that can drive brand loyalty. A

Television Then. Google Now.

There are reports that Google are looking at doing away with its distinctive and simple looking website frontpage

The Apple Watch – TV's Best Remote Control?

Apple are reportedly working on a connected watch that will further the capabilities of the iPhone. Synced with

Like Sands Through The Hourglass, TV Will Deliver More Matlock

People with fewer entertainment options watch more TV. A recent US study has found that people aged 65

Sony announce record loss and staff cull. It's time for a rethink.

Two days ago, Sony announced that they have suffered a record loss. Today comes news that they will

The 'Second Screen' is really a bit BS.

The second screen is a buzzword that will hopefully have a fairly short lifespan whilst discussing ‘social television’.

Apple TV HD – Initial Thoughts

Living in a TV-positive household with a significant interest in watching TV across multi-platforms meant having a TV

VidZone – Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Enjoy Music Videos.

Available Platforms: Playstation 3, supported mobile networks Accessed: Playstation 3 The well worn complaint about MTV is that

Apple TV launches to a collective yawn

An upgrade to 1080p. Updated software with fancier new icons. Genius functionality. iCloud connectivity And that’s about it.

Netflix Demonstration

Yesterday a White Noise reader got in contact with me regarding Netflix, which I’d referred to on the