BYOD Device To Virgin Australia. And I Love It!

Available platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android. Accessed: iPad (Generation 3) It’s the little things that can drive brand loyalty. A recent flight with Virgin Airlines really brought this truth home. The complementary beer offered to me on the flight was certainly welcome (even if it was a Pure Blonde), but what locked me in to being a

Television Then. Google Now.

There are reports that Google are looking at doing away with its distinctive and simple looking website frontpage that consists primarily of just a search bar. Added to it: Google Now functionality. This has the potential of radically changing the way that you access information off the Internet and, consequently, engage with the world. Televised

The Apple Watch – TV's Best Remote Control?

Apple are reportedly working on a connected watch that will further the capabilities of the iPhone. Synced with the phone via Bluetooth, the iWatch would be able to run any number of apps. An iWatch, much like other smart watches, would likely run a number of iWatch specific apps (running/exercise apps, alarms, games, etc) while

Like Sands Through The Hourglass, TV Will Deliver More Matlock

People with fewer entertainment options watch more TV. A recent US study has found that people aged 65 and over watch approximately 213 hours and 59 minutes of TV per month (or 7 hours a day). Middle aged folk watch less TV, as do those in their early 20’s. The number of hours watched gets

Sony announce record loss and staff cull. It's time for a rethink.

Two days ago, Sony announced that they have suffered a record loss. Today comes news that they will shed 6% of their workforce – approximately 10,000 jobs. Newly installed Chief Executive Officer Kazuo Hirai has announced, among other actions, has stated that “My biggest responsibility is to revive the electronics business and shift it into

The 'Second Screen' is really a bit BS.

The second screen is a buzzword that will hopefully have a fairly short lifespan whilst discussing ‘social television’. The general idea of this is that while people are watching a program on television, they also have a smartphone or tablet in hand and are actively engaging in social media related to that television program. This

Apple TV HD – Initial Thoughts

Living in a TV-positive household with a significant interest in watching TV across multi-platforms meant having a TV in the bedroom without internet connectivity was ridiculous. Embracing the dilemma of this first world problem, it was decided that a low-cost way to solve this ‘problem’ was to bite the bullet and invest in an Apple

VidZone – Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Enjoy Music Videos.

Available Platforms: Playstation 3, supported mobile networks Accessed: Playstation 3 The well worn complaint about MTV is that it doesn’t air music videos anymore. In fact, the quantity of music videos on TV generally seems to have fallen. Last year saw the cancellation of the long-running Video Hits program and Rage seems to attract a

Apple TV launches to a collective yawn

An upgrade to 1080p. Updated software with fancier new icons. Genius functionality. iCloud connectivity And that’s about it. As hardware leaks became plentiful in recent weeks, it was apparent that we weren’t likely to see the much fabled screen-based Apple TV product launch, but many of us were hoping for something more than this. Apple

Netflix Demonstration

Yesterday a White Noise reader got in contact with me regarding Netflix, which I’d referred to on the blog recently, and treated me to a demonstration of how the system works (by way of Apple TV). Colour me impressed by the service. For the uninformed, Netflix is a US service that provides a rich library