REVIEW: The Flash

My name is Dan Barrett. I love The Flash. This show unashamedly embraces itself as a superhero TV show, showcasing tales of adventure, super-powered heroics, romance, villainy, and lots of really attractive people. While the recent glut of Marvel superhero films may have audiences tiring of tights and capes big budget adventures to a degree, the

Pilot Watch: NCIS: New Orleans [Review]

No movie or TV series has ever been worse off for the inclusion of Scott Bakula, who leads the shows cast as NCIS Special Agent In Charge Dwayne Pride. The same can be said for the wonderful CCH Pounder who has a supporting role as the series medical examiner. Those two alone are reason enough

Pilot Watch: Scorpion [Review]

You can always tell good writing in a pilot against bad writing by the final three minutes. If in the last two scenes of the episode characters stand around setting up the premise of the series (“Despite the problems we had in the past 36 minutes plus ads, we really made for a pretty good team.

Pilot Watch: Gotham [Review]

As Edward Nygma may ask, “Riddle me this: What do you get when you launch a TV series designed to cash in on the current superhero craze that doesn’t star a superhero?”. The answer is Gotham, but don’t be calling Edward Nygma ‘The Riddler’ just yet. That doesn’t take place for another 10 years or

Bojack Horseman Is The First Real Cartoon For Adults

It made its debut on Netflix with minimal fanfare on 22 August 2014, with equally low commentary or discussion by TV critics or the online TV-obsessed community, yet Bojack Horseman has changed the notion of what a cartoon made for adults can be. This is a sophisticated, nuanced animated comedy/drama about a former sitcom star horse

Review: Devil's Playground

The 1976 Fred Schepsi film The Devil’s Playground is a wonderful examination of the so-called sins of the flesh. The film concerns the priests and young boy pupils at a Catholic seminary in the early 1950’s. The boys are beginning to discover their sexuality and are conflicted with the messages of denial that is being

Red Oaks Is The 2014 Caddyshack Throwback We Deserve

This week has seen the launch of the third wave of pilots produced by Amazon Instant Video. Their model is very fluid, but the one constant has been that they have released their pilots online, then allowed their customers to provide feedback on which of the shows should be picked up as ongoing series. While

How I Met Your Mother – Last Forever (Parts 1 & 2)

“Some people think How I Met Your Mother was brilliant for, like, 4 seasons and then got terrible”  – Josh Radnor The final How I Met Your Mother episode, the hour-long/2-part “Last Forever” was the exact ending that the show had built itself up to, while providing the exact ending it deserved. For all the right

Chris Carter's "The After"

With Chris Carter responsible for one of the biggest hits in TV history, The X-Files, his return to television was going to be met with considerable interest. Curiously, he returned to the medium not with a new broadcast TV series, but rather with a pilot offered to Amazon’s new Instant Video service. Here viewer interest

BYOD Device To Virgin Australia. And I Love It!

Available platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android. Accessed: iPad (Generation 3) It’s the little things that can drive brand loyalty. A recent flight with Virgin Airlines really brought this truth home. The complementary beer offered to me on the flight was certainly welcome (even if it was a Pure Blonde), but what locked me in to being a