How I Met Your Mother – Season 7

How I Met Your Mother S07E23/24 – The Magician's Code

Loyal HIMYM fans have been waiting all season for the answers to the latest mother mystery, and the double length finale revealed just enough to leave us with more than a few questions about what next season will bring. After an excruciatingly long pregnancy, Lily is finally ready to pop, but with Marshall intoxicated to

How I Met Your Mother S07E22 – Good Crazy

We’ve been waiting for what’s felt like an eternity for baby Erikson to make his or her entrance into the world, and after “Good Crazy”, we’re one step closer. Before we delve into the exciting events of the last five minutes though, let’s first recap what’s going on elsewhere. Ted’s ready to get back out

How I Met Your Mother S07E19 – The Broath

As predicted, Barney’s relationship with Quinn has progressed to the point where he’s ready to introduce her to the group – with one promise from Ted, not to reveal Quinn’s occupation. Ted broke the broath (surprise, surprise) in spilling the beans to the rest of the gang that Quinn just so happened to be a

How I Met Your Mother S03E18 – Karma

How I Met Your Mother seems to be already gearing up for some big changes, with all of our favourite characters moving on to new stages in their lives. “Karma” gave us a hint or two about what to expect in the coming weeks and into next season. I was looking forward to seeing Barney

How I Met Your Mother S07E17 – No Pressure

Ted’s awkward declaration of love for Robin at the end of the last episode left the audience begging for a resolution. Given my stance on the Ted-Robin-Barney love triangle, I didn’t expect the outcome to move me as much as it did, but it was so well done I couldn’t help but let out a

How I Met Your Mother S07E16 – The Drunk Train

This Valentine’s Day themed episode of How I Met Your Mother threw more than one curveball at the audience, and the semi-cliffhanger left me for one with not the foggiest idea of what to expect next week. Marshall and Lily took Robin and Kevin away on a couple’s weekend in Vermont, sparking a conversation about

How I Met Your Mother S07E15 – The Burning Beekeeper

This week’s episode, “The Burning Beekeeper” was set at Lily and Marshall’s house-warming party, wherein just about everything goes wrong within the first five minutes. Well, that was pretty much a given, as soon as Mickey casually mentioned that he was keeping 10,000 bees in the basement, much to Marshall’s horror. I was skeptical as

How I Met Your Mother S07E12 – 46 Minutes

“46 Minutes” marked the 150th episode of How I Met Your Mother, and this milestone was all about coming to terms with change – specifically, Lily and Marshall moving out to the ‘burbs. It’s always rewarding for long-term viewers to see the writers referring back to previous storylines and old jokes (as long as the

How I Met Your Mother S07E11 – Tailgate

By Lucy Sweeney How I Met Your Mother is back, welcoming in the New Year with… well, not quite a bang, but a mediocre episode at best. For the second week in a row the episode was narrated by a character other than Ted, this time with Marshall taking the reins. Jason Segel is such


By Benjamin Matern Ok, after 103 reviews you’ve probably realized that I tear up easily and probably way too often. I’ve experienced tears of joy when Chandler proposed to Monica, tears of empathy when Scully fought cancer and tears of anger when “Camelot” just wouldn’t stop sucking. My most heartfelt moments watching “How I met