[Review] Mozart In The Jungle: Pilot

“It’s easier with the lips slightly wet”. The opening line in Mozart In The Jungle does a lot to establish the general tone of the show. Offering the perfect mix of sex, drugs, and classical music, the show manages to be a little pervy, without being lewd – the perfect tone to strike in a

The Newsroom – The Most Broadcast-y Show of Cable Television

With this, the fifth to last episode of The Newsroom, the show has found a comfortable voice and has evolved into the show that many had expected from The Newsroom when they sat down to watch the first episode. The voice it has settled on┬ástrongly echoes Aaron Sorkin’s work on The West Wing and Sports

In 6 Episodes Time ‘The Newsrooom’ is no more

This is a story about television. As The Newsroom starts its third and final series, the production team

REVIEW: The Flash

My name is Dan Barrett. I love The Flash. This show unashamedly embraces itself as a superhero TV

Pilot Watch: NCIS: New Orleans [Review]

No movie or TV series has ever been worse off for the inclusion of Scott Bakula, who leads

Pilot Watch: Scorpion [Review]

You can always tell good writing in a pilot against bad writing by the final three minutes. If

Pilot Watch: Gotham [Review]

As Edward Nygma may ask, “Riddle me this: What do you get when you launch a TV series

Bojack Horseman Is The First Real Cartoon For Adults

It made its debut on Netflix with minimal fanfare on 22 August 2014, with equally low commentary or

Review: Devil's Playground

The 1976 Fred Schepsi film The Devil’s Playground is a wonderful examination of the so-called sins of the

Red Oaks Is The 2014 Caddyshack Throwback We Deserve

This week has seen the launch of the third wave of pilots produced by Amazon Instant Video. Their