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True Detective – Season 2

During an electric first season, we learnt in True Detective that time is a flat circle. Season two, however, is just flat

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Review: Supergirl (Pilot)

While Supergirl will take some time to establish itself as a viable character in her own-right, this is a breezy, easy-to-watch adventure show that...

Broadcast Review

Review: Hiding (S01E01)

There’s a strange romance attached to witness relocation. There’s the excitement and fear of dangerous criminals attached to stepping...


[Review] Bosch – Pilot Episode

Bosch's ambition is to be the procedural crime series for adults who want to be entertained by something beyond immature material served to viewers...

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REVIEW: The Flash

My name is Dan Barrett. I love The Flash.
This show unashamedly embraces itself as a superhero TV show, showcasing tales of adventure, super-powered...