REVIEW (Kind Of): Mad Men – S07E08 ‘Severance’

Every advance review you see of Mad Men has certain caveats attached. No spoilers is a big issue, which is fine – who’d want to be responsible for spoiling such a richly textured show and distilling all that joy into one or two ‘surprise’ plot aspects? But beyond that show creator Matt Weiner has some

[REVIEW] Marvel’s Daredevil – Episode 1

Marvel’s new series Daredevil is not only the best superhero TV series they’ve produced, it is to-date the best series produced for an on-demand streaming service.

Review: Hiding (S01E01)

There’s a strange romance attached to witness relocation. There’s the excitement and fear of dangerous criminals attached to stepping away from your identity entirely. You become someone entirely new, without the ability to touch upon your life of old for fear of recrimination. The new ABC series Hiding does a great job of touching upon

2015 Amazon Pilot Season – Ranking From Best To Worst

Televised Revolution have watched the 7 Amazon pilots and have ranked them below from the best to worst.

[Review] Girls – Season 4 Series Return

Narcissism has always been at the core of Girls, driving so many of the characters actions. This season positions this consciously as the theme of the season – Can these characters break away from being so narcissistic? Is it an attitude they will just mature out of?

[Review] Agent Carter – Marvel’s No. 1 Broad

Despite significant successes at the global box office, Marvel have maintained two major black dots against their name: They’re ten films in without one starring a female lead. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. With Agent Carter, Marvel are addressing both of these in one go with a female-led action adventure series that provides more entertainment in

[Review] Bosch – Pilot Episode

Bosch’s ambition is to be the procedural crime series for adults who want to be entertained by something beyond immature material served to viewers weekly.

[Review] Mozart In The Jungle: Pilot

“It’s easier with the lips slightly wet”. The opening line in Mozart In The Jungle does a lot to establish the general tone of the show. Offering the perfect mix of sex, drugs, and classical music, the show manages to be a little pervy, without being lewd – the perfect tone to strike in a

The Newsroom – The Most Broadcast-y Show of Cable Television

With this, the fifth to last episode of The Newsroom, the show has found a comfortable voice and has evolved into the show that many had expected from The Newsroom when they sat down to watch the first episode. The voice it has settled on┬ástrongly echoes Aaron Sorkin’s work on The West Wing and Sports

In 6 Episodes Time ‘The Newsrooom’ is no more

This is a story about television. As The Newsroom starts its third and final series, the production team of cable news show News Night have got a serious case of the yips. Spooked by getting a story on the US military wrong (as seen last season with the Genoa storyline), the shows producers and journo’s