Review: Supergirl (Pilot)

While Supergirl will take some time to establish itself as a viable character in her own-right, this is a breezy, easy-to-watch adventure show that feels very much in line with another DC show currently on the air, The Flash

[Review] Girls – Season 4 Series Return

Narcissism has always been at the core of Girls, driving so many of the characters actions. This season positions this consciously as the theme of the season - Can these characters break away from being so narcissistic? Is it an attitude they will just mature out of?

[Review] Bosch – Pilot Episode

Bosch's ambition is to be the procedural crime series for adults who want to be entertained by something beyond immature material served to viewers weekly

REVIEW: The Flash

My name is Dan Barrett. I love The Flash. This show unashamedly embraces itself as a superhero TV show, showcasing tales of adventure, super-powered heroics,... Read More...