Televised Revolution

[PODCAST] The Couch: Interview w/ Netflix VP’s Todd Yellin and Sean Carey

Interview with Sean Carey and Todd Yellin from Netflix on what users can expect from the look & feel of Netflix. Plus oddball content questions.

Watching Television: Special Edition – Goodbye Parks and Recreation

Prue Martin and Dan Barrett have a brief chat about the finale of Parks & Recreation. Did the finale live up to the rest of the TV series? Was it the finale Parks and Recreation deserved? We’re going to miss this old girl.

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution: Is The Future of Television Mid-Evening Bad Language & Boobs? (Ep 385)

What is the future of television? And does it involve relaxed broadcast TV regulation and more adult programming in the mid-evening?

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – AWOL Coneheads (Ep 384)

This week SNL turns 40 years old. Televised Revolution explores what made that such a groundbreaking show, laying ground for so many of the TV and film comedies of the past 40 years. In addition we discuss the TV news of the week: Stan announces original Australian productions including a Wolf Creek TV series. Fetch

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – Better Call Saul Shenanigans (Ep 383)

Streaming TV truly has made its mark on Australian TV. Finally. We know it has truly arrived as this week has seen the most overtly sneaky competitive move in the space.

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – Weak Tea [Ep 382]

This week has seen Foxtel announce its Triple Play bundling, but have consumers moved on from what they are peddling? What does this say about Foxtel? And what on earth does the weekends election in Queensland have to do with any of it? Strap yourselves in, because Televised Revolution is keeping it 100!

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – Transparent See (Ep 381)

With Australia now firmly engaged in multi-platform viewing, we are finally getting access to a wider number of shows. For many, it will be a challenge of keeping up with where to look. Today’s official launch of Stan offers the promise of what is to come.

[Podcast] Televised Revolution – Roadtesting Stan & Presto TV. (Ep 380)

This week saw the official launch of the anticipated Presto TV, along with a sneak preview of it’s local competitor Stan. We take a look at both streaming services and offer our thoughts on what they both have content-wise.

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – Stan, Presto, Netflix? Which One? (Ep 379)

The first quarter of 2015 in Australia will see an explosion in subscription video on demand services. We’ll have Stan, Presto, and Netflix all seeking your attention. What do they have to offer subscribers? Which should you sign up to?

[Podcast] Televised Revolution – Remembering Galaxy (Ep 378)

As we kick off 2015, the Televised Revolution panel have joined together once again to discuss their adventures in television over the Christmas/new year break. The panel will discuss the 2014 top ten TV shows downloaded illicitly. The panel have an extended conversation about the 20th anniversary of the launch of now-dissolved Australian pay TV provider