Televised Revolution

Televised Revolution – Space TV (Ep 369)

With everyone buzzing about the new Christopher Nolan film Interstellar, depictions of space and space exploration have been

Televised Revolution "Horror TV Shows" (Ep 368)

Halloween has come and gone for another year providing a great opportunity to watch horror movies. It also

Televised Revolution "What Is The Value Of The ABC?" (Ep 367)

The ABC is under threat. The government are looking to cut funding, while The Australian are seeking to

Televised Revolution – "Short Run & Forgotten TV" (Ep 366)

We’re familiar with the ‘Brilliant, But Cancelled’ moniker attached to those great TV shows that never found an

Televised Revolution – Long Running TV Shows (Ep 365)

With this weeks episode, Televised Revolution officially becomes the longest-running Australian podcast dedicated to the general discussion of

Televised Revolution – TV Detective Shows (Ep 364)

Inspired by reading the book Inherent Vice and excited for the upcoming PT Anderson film, Dan has gotten

Televised Revolution – Slow Jammin' The News (Ep 363)

As always the Televised Revolution panel discuss the TV news of the week, including: iiNet provide real-time TV

Televised Revolution – "Why That Genre?" (Ep 362)

Comic book movies have dominated cinemas for the past decade with no end in sight. TV has embraced

Televised Revolution Podcast – Playing Doctors & Nurses (Ep 361)

For as long as there has been television, cop shows and medical shows have ruled the medium. It