Televised Revolution


Episode 465

This week on the show Dan, Simon, and Dennis drop everything to jump aboard a Twitter hashtag and list their favourite seven TV shows. We'd like to hear from... Read More...

Episode 464

This week we mark the passing of beloved character actor Fyvush Finkel, which opens up the conversation to the volume of transformative TV series that simply ar... Read More...

Episode 463

The world is becoming a much smaller place. With so many viewers engaging in geo-dodging behaviours, international digital developments are starting to have a d... Read More...

Episode 462

This week saw the final VHS machine produced on an assembly line. The medium, which delivered non-linear TV and movie consumption to mainstream consumerism, is ... Read More...

Episode 461

A week with some great TV has enthused us at TV Rev HQ - the return of Mr Robot and the debut of Stranger Things hit us all right in the sexy passion point plac... Read More...
people vs oj

Episode 460

At the half year point, Dan and Simon take a few moments to reflect back on the shows that they have enjoyed so far this year, with an eye to the shows on the ... Read More...

Podcast – Episode 451

We are back this week with a quick look at the TV news of the week: Peter Tonagh says no to investing in Ten Presto commission two new Home & Away specials Hulu ready to launch OTT cable TV service And more!