Televised Revolution

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – Episode 393

HBO don’t want your money, Australian citizens! Meanwhile a titan of Australian media wants laws to stop you going overseas for content, cutting into his bottom line.

After years of pirating and grey subscribing to services like Netflix, the Australian TV consumer has destabilised the local industry. Well done. But now the industry is fighting back for survival.

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – 28 Days of David Letterman (#392)

Game of Thrones leaks and David Letterman gets set to say goodbye.

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – Television Zombies (#391)

TV zombies are making their way to the screen – Full House, Twin Peaks, and more!

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution: Here’s Some Reality For You! – Ep 390

Is reality TV to blame for a drop in the number of people watching free to air TV? Or could services like Netflix be playing a role?

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – Netflix Has Landed [Episode 389]

We discuss why the launch of Netflix has captivated Australia, what it represents to the local market, and initial thoughts on the local service.

[PODCAST] Apple TV, Home & Away, and THAT Penis Dress

Discussing all the TV related news of the week, including Apple’s new TV streaming service, Home and Away on Hulu, and THAT penis dress.

[PODCAST] All Hail HBO Now. But Don’t Get Too Excited. (Ep 387)

Overnight HBO officially announced their Netflix competitor service HBO Now. For US$14.95, US viewers will be able to access HBO content and movies on demand without needing a cable TV subscription. It’s an inevitable move that has been a while coming.

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – Holy Sh*t! We Have A Date For Netflix [Ep 386]

Today US streaming service Netflix have announced the launch date for their Australian service. The service will launch on March 24, 2015. But what else do people need to know?

[PODCAST] The Couch: Interview w/ Netflix VP’s Todd Yellin and Sean Carey

Interview with Sean Carey and Todd Yellin from Netflix on what users can expect from the look & feel of Netflix. Plus oddball content questions.

Watching Television: Special Edition – Goodbye Parks and Recreation

Prue Martin and Dan Barrett have a brief chat about the finale of Parks & Recreation. Did the finale live up to the rest of the TV series? Was it the finale Parks and Recreation deserved? We’re going to miss this old girl.