[PODCAST] Televised Revolution: Here’s Some Reality For You! – Ep 390

Is reality TV to blame for a drop in the number of people watching free to air TV? Or could services like Netflix be playing a role?

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – Netflix Has Landed [Episode 389]

We discuss why the launch of Netflix has captivated Australia, what it represents to the local market, and initial thoughts on the local service.

[PODCAST] Apple TV, Home & Away, and THAT Penis Dress

Discussing all the TV related news of the week, including Apple’s new TV streaming service, Home and Away on Hulu, and THAT penis dress.

[PODCAST] All Hail HBO Now. But Don’t Get Too Excited. (Ep 387)

Overnight HBO officially announced their Netflix competitor service HBO Now. For US$14.95, US viewers will be able to access HBO content and movies on demand without needing a cable TV subscription. It’s an inevitable move that has been a while coming.

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – Holy Sh*t! We Have A Date For Netflix [Ep 386]

Today US streaming service Netflix have announced the launch date for their Australian service. The service will launch on March 24, 2015. But what else do people need to know?

[PODCAST] The Couch: Interview w/ Netflix VP’s Todd Yellin and Sean Carey

Interview with Sean Carey and Todd Yellin from Netflix on what users can expect from the look & feel of Netflix. Plus oddball content questions.

Watching Television: Special Edition – Goodbye Parks and Recreation

Prue Martin and Dan Barrett have a brief chat about the finale of Parks & Recreation. Did the finale live up to the rest of the TV series? Was it the finale Parks and Recreation deserved? We’re going to miss this old girl.

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution: Is The Future of Television Mid-Evening Bad Language & Boobs? (Ep 385)

What is the future of television? And does it involve relaxed broadcast TV regulation and more adult programming in the mid-evening?

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – AWOL Coneheads (Ep 384)

This week SNL turns 40 years old. Televised Revolution explores what made that such a groundbreaking show, laying ground for so many of the TV and film comedies of the past 40 years. In addition we discuss the TV news of the week: Stan announces original Australian productions including a Wolf Creek TV series. Fetch

[PODCAST] Sensible Chuckle – Dario Russo [Episode 7]

In this conversation with Danger 5 co-creator, co-writer, and director Dario Russo we discuss the final episode which warps viewers brains & space-time.