[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – Television Dads (Ep 376)

This week on Televised Revolution we discuss TV dads. Also, Christmas TV, and we discuss our one news

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – Tonight Shows (Ep 375)

What a week! Not only did this past week firm up the direction of the SVOD streaming services

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution: 2014 Appliance Wrap – Episode 374

Dan is joined by Patrick Avenell from Appliance Retailer and the two of them discuss the TV related

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – The Death of The US Sitcom? (Ep 373)

Are we facing a US sitcom ‘recession’? Is the US sitcom on deaths door? This week saw Joe

PODCAST: Televised Revolution – Mid-Season Finale Nonsense (Ep 372)

When is a season finale not really a season finale? The Walking Dead this week airs its fifth season

PODCAST: Marc Fennell [Televised Revolution: The Couch]

Dan sits down with Marc Fennell, host of the SBS2 program The Feed to talk about his work on the show, how he juggles it with his other commitments reviewing movies for Triple J and hosting RN’s Download This Show. The conversation never stays on track, as the two diverge to talk about the need

Televised Revolution – What You Need To Know About Netflix Australia (Ep 371)

After months (years?) of speculation, Netflix have announced they’re launching in Australia. But, what can we expect from the new service? What sort of content will be on it? How much will it cost? Will there be an “Australia tax”? Televised Revolution seeks to explain it all. This is one of the biggest TV news

Televised Revolution – The Late Great Glen A. Larson (Ep 370)

Prolific television writer and producer Glen A Larson passed away over the weekend, leaving behind a body of work that dramatically impacted on US broadcast television. On this weeks podcast we discuss the work of Larson and how it has shaped the medium. The panel also discuss the major TV news of the week: Even

Televised Revolution – Space TV (Ep 369)

With everyone buzzing about the new Christopher Nolan film Interstellar, depictions of space and space exploration have been

Televised Revolution "Horror TV Shows" (Ep 368)

Halloween has come and gone for another year providing a great opportunity to watch horror movies. It also