Televised Revolution – Episode 404

This week Dan chats with Fetch TV CEO Scott Lorsen about their service, then talks with guest co-host Eddie Ngaluafe about Stephen Colbert, Sesame Street, and ABC iView...for kids

Televised Revolution – Episode 402

Extending a chat with Televised Revolution beyond the interesting TV news stories of the week, guest co-host Dan Ilic explains why Australian TV and then AJ+ didn't go to plan

Televised Revolution – Episode 399

This weeks podcast explores the shift back towards linear TV channels as Google launch Android Channels. The panel also discuss the controversy surrounding ABC Kids World at Dreamworld, a Telstra deal for Stan, and much more

[PODCAST] Televised Revolution – Episode 398

Over the past week we said goodbye to Letterman. The show had such an impact on the TV medium that we found it important to discuss the career of David Letterman at some length, contextualising why he was an industry great