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HBO To be Sold Without A Cable TV Subscription. Because They Had To.


“All in, there are 80 million homes that do not have HBO and we will use all means at our disposal to go after them”.

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Android TV Launches With The Nexus Player: Internet TV Is Now Ready For Primetime


Despite so much talk surrounding services like Netflix and their ever-increasing dominance, broadcast and cable TV services still remain the primary way the majority of.

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Australian TV Bosses Squeezing Out Netflix Don't Understand Netflix


The AFR today ran a feature regarding the Australian TV network executives seeking to squeeze out Netflix from the marketplace by securing content before Netflix.

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Red Oaks Is The 2014 Caddyshack Throwback We Deserve


This week has seen the launch of the third wave of pilots produced by Amazon Instant Video. Their model is very fluid, but the one.

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$9.95 Is The Right Price Point For Presto. For The Moment.


Foxtel have today announced a new price point for their video on demand movie streaming service Presto. The new pricing is effective from Sunday 17th.

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Android TV Unveiled. And It Looks Good.


At the Google I/O Developer Conference the search giant officially announced their Android TV product and falls just short of defining the future of television..

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Foxtels House of Cards: Poor Architecture


Across the internet this weekend TV viewers are binging the new season of House of Cards with most of these viewers in countries where Netflix.

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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Costanza!


The secret Jerry Seinfeld / Jason Alexander Seinfeld project was unveiled today. It turns out that it was an episode of Comedians In Cars Getting.

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HBO Nordic
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Review: HBO Nordic


It’s not TV, it’s not even HBO. It’s HBO Nordic, the HBO-branded streaming subscription TV service available only in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. With.

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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – Season 3 Trailer


One of the great online joys of the past few years has been Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. The show is a low-fi interview chat.

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Tenplay Kids – A Shrewd Attempt To Future-Proof Ten?


Launching on December 9, just in time for the school holidays, is tenplay Kids – a new online destination for kids video. This announcement is.

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It's not TV, it's Channel G


Immediately I was sold. Longtime friend and contributor at Televised Revolution Chris Yates dropped me an email informing me about Channel G. “A dude at.

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Who needs Hollywood? Not Rovio.


With 1.7 billion downloads of Angry Birds across multiple phone and tablet platforms, Angry Birds is one of mobile gamings biggest successes. Not only is.

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Z-Grade Pick Flick – The Fast and the Furious (1955)


Scanning over the TV listings for today [Wednesday], The Fast and the Furious on TVS at 8:30pm jumps out as a likely candidate to receive.

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In Review: Foxtel Go


Available platforms: Foxtel Go iPad app Accessed: iPad (Generation 1) Foxtel have today unveiled Foxtel Go, a mobile extension to their established cable/satelite TV service..

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