Stan Is Here. Should You Subscribe?

On Monday the Nine/Fairfax streaming service Stan officially launches. Most of the people who registered their email address on the Stan site have received a sneak peek invitation to trial the service over the past week with the first invitations sent last Monday. Stan will cost $10 per month to access its library of movies and TV

Jessica Fletcher experiences an epiphany. Many of them. For an hour.

This supercut offers just shy of an hours worth of footage of Jessica Fletcher experiencing some level of epiphany.

Stan Goes Beta – Initial Thoughts

Subscription Video on Demand service Stan has gone live. Sort of. Invites went out to a small number of people who had signed up to the Stan website asking for information when they do actually launch. Presumably, this is a control group of subscribers to enable StreamCo (the company set up by Nine and Fairfax

Presto TV vs Quickflix: A Comparison

When pitching Presto TV against Quickflix, this unfair fight has a surprising winner.

2015 Amazon Pilot Season – Ranking From Best To Worst

Televised Revolution have watched the 7 Amazon pilots and have ranked them below from the best to worst.

TV Comes To Presto. And Thoroughly Underwhelms.

It’s difficult to understand exactly what Foxtel are trying to do with Presto. Its original iteration that delivered all the movies they have on their service each month as a standalone app made sense. The presumption that Presto was to be split into two products (Presto Movies and Presto TV) seemed clunky, but also made sense.

Netflix By The Regions Report – USA

No Netflix region offers the depth of library and breadth of genre that the US Netflix provides. But, is it the best?

HBO’s Togetherness Establishes That We Don’t Want To ‘Binge’, We Want To Consume Naturally.

As the screen faded to black and the credits rolled on HBO’s new half hour series Togetherness, an immediate desire to press play for the next episode came upon me. My inability to do so, knowing I’d have to wait another seven days for the next episode to air, was the source of considerable frustration.

Netflix By The Regions Report: United Kingdom

Netflix UK, more than any other Netflix region, more closely resembles the regions linear TV services thanks to this content – there are more panel shows available here than you know what to do with.