HBO & Showtime Content On Presto Isn’t Reason Enough To Subscribe

Foxtel have unveiled more TV titles for their soon-to-revamp Presto service. Finally accepting the need for TV content

Presto Announce Underwhelming TV Titles.

Early this week Foxtel confirmed that they have partnered with Seven to deliver TV content to streaming movie

Netflix Is Not Presto’s Biggest Problem. Without HD It is A Non-Starter.

Netflix is not the biggest problem Foxtel and Seven have in launching a joint subscription video on demand

EzyFlix Set To Deliver Cheaper Prices For Digital Movie Downloads

This week the 1966 Batman TV series was released on DVD, Bluray, and digital download. The 18 disc DVD entire series set can be bought at retailer JB Hifi for $92 – less if you make use of their current 20% off all DVD’s/BD’s sale.  Meanwhile, to buy the same TV show via direct digital

Stan Welcomes World Movies & SBS Content

Unexpected and welcome news today courtesy of new streaming service Stan with the announcement that they have signed

Will Netflix End Piracy In Australia? No, But It’s A Start.

Can Netflix end piracy? No, but it will put a serious dent in the practice. The launch of Netflix in Australia isn’t the end-all be all of streaming media, but it does establish a beachhead for streaming video services in the Australian market. It’s a strong, viable player that sets the yardstick on what consumers

Netflix Australia / NZ – Launching March 2015

With the media release issued, it’s now game on. Netflix are coming to Australia. The market is getting crowded, with Nine Ent Co/Fairfax streaming service ‘Stan’ announced earlier this month and Presto expected to get a revamp to include TV shows in 2015. Australian viewers may actually now have enough options that it won’t be

Netflix By The Regions Report 2014: Finland

Purpose Of The Report When Netflix launch into new territories, they must sign content deals with the rights holders of content in that region. As such, different content appears in different Netflix regions. Furthermore, Netflix don’t just roll out US content into every territory, but rather mix it up with local content that suits the cultural temperament

What Shows Should We Expect On Stan?

Today Nine & Fairfax announced their joint streaming video venture ‘Stan’. The Netflix competitor promises “first-run exclusives, award-winning TV shows, classic catalogue, blockbuster movies and an exciting slate of kids content”, with only Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul announced as titles. Shows will be available in HD (something ABC iView, Presto, Foxtel Play, or

Netflix By The Regions Report 2014: Denmark

Purpose Of The Report When Netflix launch into new territories, they must sign content deals with the rights holders of