Netflix Launches. Provides Australians Choice.

Netflix has launched in Australia. How does it compare against Stan, Presto, and Quickflix?

Netflix Australia Prices Start At $8.99 – With Orange Is The New Black!

The Netflix Australia prices have been announced. Along with news that Netflix Australia will have Orange Is The New Black after all.

Why Apple TV’s 25 Channel Bundle Must Be A True Digital Experience

News that Apple are set to launch a bundled cable TV service for the US market was met with considerable enthusiasm, but are Apple launching an analogue product onto a digital world?

Presto TV Signs A Deal With 20th Century Fox

The addition of 20th Century Fox shows provides a much-needed content boost to Presto TV and it’s fantastic to now have access to all of these shows.

Why Seinfeld Needs Netflix More Than Netflix Needs Seinfeld

The bidding war for Seinfeld by streaming services has begun. But why is Netflix not bidding?

Hulu, Amazon, and Yahoo are said to be competing for the rights to the show, worth an estimated $0.5million per episode. With 180 episodes in the can, this is a lucrative payday for Sony Pictures and all those who participate in the profits.

Netflix Is Coming To Australia – What You NEED To Know!

Netflix launches in Australia on March 24. With 200,000+ Australians already subscribed to the international service, most people already have a good idea of what the service is and how it works. But, some people will still have questions.

Here is a helpful list of answers to 7 of the bigger questions surrounding the service.

HBO Now is Coming. Look Out Foxtel!

Coming just a week after Netflix announced a launch date for the Australian market comes news that will make Australian pay television company Foxtel sweat just a little bit more. US cable channel giant HBO have officially announced their new subscription streaming video service ‘HBO Now’.

It’s Official! Netflix To Launch in Australia – March 24. And It’s Quota-Free!

Today Netflix made it official. The service will launch in Australia and New Zealand on March 24, 2015 with quota-free access provided to iiNet customers.

The X-Files Is Missing “The Truth Is Out There” On Netflix. What Does Netflix Have To Say About That?

On Netflix the X-Files tagline ‘The Truth Is Out There’ is missing from the opening titles. Televised Revolution asks Netflix’s Sean Carey why.

Nine Would Be Better Off Without Sky News And Going It Alone

Why do Channel Nine want to own a third of Sky News with its low viewership? After all, they could just launch their own news channel.