Televised Revolution – "Why That Genre?" (Ep 362)

Comic book movies have dominated cinemas for the past decade with no end in sight. TV has embraced the genre, with no less than four series based on comics launching in this coming TV season with many others in development for next year. Launching this month in the US are: The Flash, Gotham, and Constantine,

Australian TV Bosses Squeezing Out Netflix Don't Understand Netflix

The AFR today ran a feature regarding the Australian TV network executives seeking to squeeze out Netflix from the marketplace by securing content before Netflix can get access to it. Based on the quotes that run through the article, however, it appears that local network executives are still too focused on combating Netflix as a

The 2014/15 US TV Season and Downton Abbey Rule This Weeks Watchlist – Week Beginning 21 September 2014

This is the start of a very busy week for TV enthusiasts. While last week we saw a small handful of TV series trying to make their mark before this weeks glut of launches, this is the week where it all gets underway. This week marks the proper start of the new US broadcast TV season

Televised Revolution – TV Remakes (Ep 314)

Dan & Simon talk about TV show remakes – those remade for the US, US shows remade for the UK, and all the odd foreign language remakes of US shows. Also, they talk of the TV news of the week and Love It Or Hate It. At Televised Revolution, we look forward to receiving your mail and

In Review – Episode 50

Prue & Dan offer the least incisive review of The Tunnel (S01E01) and explain why it’s just really pointless. They also look at this weeks How I Met Your Mother(S09E06). Being episode 50, the duo also take some time to cite the TV shows of their youth that made them the TV viewers they are

Watch this: Susan 313

While it’s easy to see why this wasn’t picked up, it’s still a shame. Susan 313 is awkwardly paced, feels spatially vacant, and is about 20% lighter on jokes than it should be. But the cast are all pretty fun and would have worked amazingly well together – Tig Notaro, particularly, has great chemistry with

Televised Revolution – End of the Generation (Ep 313)

When a video game platform reaches the end of its lifespan, it usually comes with it amazing game titles that master every strength that the platform has to offer. We’re seeing this currently with Grand Theft Auto V across PS3 and Xbox 360 with each of those consoles soon to be replaced by the Playstation

The UK Wrap: 20th October 2013

New from David Mitchell and Robert Webb is the Ambassadors, a three part comedy-drama series which begins this week on BBC Two. Mitchell is Keith Davies, the newly appointed British Ambassador to the emerging oil rich nation of Tazbekistan, and Robert Webb plays Neil Tilly, the Deputy Head of Mission and second in command at

$280m net loss alternatives

The big media news this week regards the Ten Network posting a $280 million net loss for the 2012/13 financial year. Televised Revolution makes no bones about the fact finance isn’t its strong point (note the lack of advertising on this site as a clear sign of our Publishers financial acumen), so for a detailed

In Review – Episode 49

After sampling a whole bunch of new shows, Prue and Dan take some time to settle in with some old and new favourites and see how comfortably they’re sitting a month into the new US TV season. Midway through the discussion, they battle a bug. Shows up for discussion: Brooklyn Nine Nine – S01E05 (05:50)