Australian Cinema Fails At The Box Office. Let's Get Rid Of The Box Office.

Taking just $65,000 on 53 screens and $69,000 with previews, it is safe to say that Australian crime thriller Son of A Gun has failed at the box office. This follows a long line of Australian releases that have performed poorly recently including These Final Hours, The Little Death, Felony, The Rover, and The Babadook. It is silly

Televised Revolution – "Short Run & Forgotten TV" (Ep 366)

We’re familiar with the ‘Brilliant, But Cancelled’ moniker attached to those great TV shows that never found an audience and were quickly cancelled. But not every short-lived show was brilliant. What about those short-lived shows that may not have been all that great yet still found a place in our hearts? These forgotten and lost TV

Constantine, Alpha House – The Watchlist 19 October 2014

This week is somewhat quiet after the last month of US broadcast shows debuting. It’s probably a great time to evaluate which shows have debuted and catch up on some of the better ones. Televised Revolution suggests The Affair, Jane The Virgin, and The Flash as new shows worth checking out. This past weekend has

HBO To be Sold Without A Cable TV Subscription. Because They Had To.

“All in, there are 80 million homes that do not have HBO and we will use all means at our disposal to go after them” -Richard Plepler, HBO CEO HBO have announced that they plan to start offering a web-only service from 2015. Speaking at an investor conference, HBO’s Richard Plepler provided little detail on

Android TV Launches With The Nexus Player: Internet TV Is Now Ready For Primetime

Despite so much talk surrounding services like Netflix and their ever-increasing dominance, broadcast and cable TV services still remain the primary way the majority of people watch their TV around the world. Despite broadband speeds improving and penetration levels increasing, TV delivered over the Internet (IPTV), is still yet to be fully embraced by TV

Televised Revolution – Long Running TV Shows (Ep 365)

With this weeks episode, Televised Revolution officially becomes the longest-running Australian podcast dedicated to the general discussion of TV and TV cultures. It’s quite an achievement in perseverance. With this milestone reached, it seemed apt that on this weeks show we discuss long running shows. What does a show need to do to avoid cancellation?

Australia's Greatest Mystery: "Holt"

The disappearance of Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt in 1967 is fascinating. Vanishing one day while swimming at Cheviot Beach, his body was never recovered. While the circumstances surrounding his death were interesting (the common conspiracy theory being that he was taken by a Chinese submarine, ignoring the more likely scenario that it was an

Review: Brekky Central

Melbourne University Press have rushed the Adam Boland book Brekky Central into bookstores in an effort to prevent an injunction being placed on the books release by Channel 7 / generate publicity. Having read Bolands book, an exploration of his career that included Executive Producing Ch 7’s Sunrise and Ch 10’s Wake Up, it’s a

The Walking Dead, The Affair, and Jane The Virgin – The Watchlist 12 October 2014

As we reach the mid-point of October, it’s become clear that there have been very few new shows that have proven themselves as must-watch series in the new US broadcast TV season. This week see’s the launch of the promising Marry Me and Jane The Virgin. It’s US cable TV that is delivering for us

REVIEW: The Flash

My name is Dan Barrett. I love The Flash. This show unashamedly embraces itself as a superhero TV show, showcasing tales of adventure, super-powered heroics, romance, villainy, and lots of really attractive people. While the recent glut of Marvel superhero films may have audiences tiring of tights and capes big budget adventures to a degree, the