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Turn On Ten. Don’t Mind If I Do.

Last night in Sydney Channel Ten held it’s underwhelming 2015 Upfronts presentation announcing new series and variations on the same ratings turkeys that drove much of their programming slate for 2014. It’s said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. Well, one has truly flown over the

The Roast Is Dead. Long Live The Roast!

The Roast had recently achieved the impossible. It convinced its young audience that there was a reason to tune in to broadcast television. In the past year it seriously found the funny and stepped up its game. The team at The Roast were consistently funnier and more on point with their satire. It began to

‘A Place To Call Home’ Represents A New Security For Foxtel

Outside of their continuing commitment to sport, the true jewel in the crown for Foxtel, two brands were front and centre at the 2015 Foxtel Upfronts tonight in Sydney: HBO and A Place To Call Home. Both series represent divergent paths for Foxtel as the cable television service defines itself for a digital age. Tonight

Is A Sense of Curation Lost On Broadcast TV?

What you see on broadcast TV and when you see it is not lovingly considered. It’s a numbers game generally, with TV programmers scheduling for specific audiences on certain nights, while counter-programming and attack-programming against their rivals. It’s a cutthroat game of chess with maths supporting them with every move. And the audiences can feel

Australian Cinema Fails At The Box Office. Let's Get Rid Of The Box Office.

Taking just $65,000 on 53 screens and $69,000 with previews, it is safe to say that Australian crime thriller Son of A Gun has failed at the box office. This follows a long line of Australian releases that have performed poorly recently including These Final Hours, The Little Death, Felony, The Rover, and The Babadook. It is silly

Australian TV Bosses Squeezing Out Netflix Don't Understand Netflix

The AFR today ran a feature regarding the Australian TV network executives seeking to squeeze out Netflix from the marketplace by securing content before Netflix can get access to it. Based on the quotes that run through the article, however, it appears that local network executives are still too focused on combating Netflix as a

David and Margaret May Be Gone, But There's Still A Need For Screen Criticism

Today ABC Television announced the cancellation of At The Movies and the (presumed) retirement of David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz. While it’s sad to see that Stratton and Pomeranz will no longer be seen on TV each week offering their thoughts on film, the greater disappointment is that the ABC have cancelled At The Movies.

Today Malcolm Turnbull Murdered Community TV As We Know It.

What is the value of community television in Australia in 2014? That is a topic firmly in mind today following confirmation this morning that the Federal Government will be forcing Australia’s community television broadcasters off the air. At an ACMA event in Sydney this morning Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull advised that they would transition CTV

Review: Devil's Playground

The 1976 Fred Schepsi film The Devil’s Playground is a wonderful examination of the so-called sins of the flesh. The film concerns the priests and young boy pupils at a Catholic seminary in the early 1950’s. The boys are beginning to discover their sexuality and are conflicted with the messages of denial that is being

The Age Of The Consensus Show Is Over. Thus, TV is Doomed.

On a recent Hollywood Prospectus podcast, host Andy Greenwald noted that “The age of the consensus show is over”. By that, he’s referring to the sheer volume of high quality series flooding the proverbial airwaves now prevents there from being a handful of great shows that we could all agree on. When The Sopranos ruled