X Things That Need To Be Done For The X-Files To Come Back Properly

TV (and pop culture more widely) runs in 20 year cycles. Once a show concludes and enters the world of syndicated repeats, DVD/streamed relics, and almost distant memories, it has at least ten years of laying fallow and being just a little on the nose. Unless you were deeply in love, an oft-watched show begins

HBO’s Togetherness Establishes That We Don’t Want To ‘Binge’, We Want To Consume Naturally.

As the screen faded to black and the credits rolled on HBO’s new half hour series Togetherness, an immediate desire to press play for the next episode came upon me. My inability to do so, knowing I’d have to wait another seven days for the next episode to air, was the source of considerable frustration.

What Does Darkness at Noon Tell Us About ‘The Good Wife’?

Since last season The Good Wife has been making quiet reference to a fictional TV series ‘Darkness at Noon’. In the world of The Good Wife, Darkness At Noon is a Breaking Bad-like success series which is wildly popular. Introduced late last season, viewers and critics simply noted what the series was parodying and that

Turn On Ten. Don’t Mind If I Do.

Last night in Sydney Channel Ten held it’s underwhelming 2015 Upfronts presentation announcing new series and variations on the same ratings turkeys that drove much of their programming slate for 2014. It’s said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. Well, one has truly flown over the

The Roast Is Dead. Long Live The Roast!

The Roast had recently achieved the impossible. It convinced its young audience that there was a reason to tune in to broadcast television. In the past year it seriously found the funny and stepped up its game. The team at The Roast were consistently funnier and more on point with their satire. It began to

Is A Sense of Curation Lost On Broadcast TV?

What you see on broadcast TV and when you see it is not lovingly considered. It’s a numbers game generally, with TV programmers scheduling for specific audiences on certain nights, while counter-programming and attack-programming against their rivals. It’s a cutthroat game of chess with maths supporting them with every move. And the audiences can feel

Australian Cinema Fails At The Box Office. Let's Get Rid Of The Box Office.

Taking just $65,000 on 53 screens and $69,000 with previews, it is safe to say that Australian crime thriller Son of A Gun has failed at the box office. This follows a long line of Australian releases that have performed poorly recently including These Final Hours, The Little Death, Felony, The Rover, and The Babadook. It is silly

5 Things To Know About The Flash Before You Watch 'The Flash'

Superhero films have dominated movie theatres in recent years and we’re starting to see the same happen to TV series. The Flash, which launched on TV in the US this week, is the most traditional take we’ve seen on a superhero TV series since Lois & Clark in the mid 90’s. Despite the prominence of

Don Hertzfeldt's Surreal Simpsons Couch Gag

This week we witnessed what happened when animator Don Hertzfeldt was given the keys to the castle to create the most bizarre and abstract Simpsons couch gag yet. For 101 glorious seconds, Simpsons fans were treated to a surreal commentary on changing artistic styles, the way our perception of ourselves changes through art over time, and perceived changes to

9 TV Show Debuts That Prove 1966 Was The Greatest Year For Television Ever

1966. Youth culture was on the rise, the Cold War was in full swing, and the space race was just three years shy of the ultimate goal. It was an exciting time globally with norms being challenged and excitement about what the future may hold. The TV shows of the era reflected this. TV was