Stan Reaches 3 Months. Still No TV App.

After three months, subscribers are still unable to watch Stan through any of the devices connected to their television. Unlike other popular streaming video apps internationally, Stan isn’t available on gaming consoles like the Playstation 3/4, or the X Box. It cannot be found on smart TV’s, DVD players, Blu-ray, Apple TV, etc.

An Australian Abroad: UK Television

Avid Australian TV watcher Evan Davis just moved to the UK and what he found on the TV startled him.

SBS Deliver On Proper Naked Dating

The concept of a naked dating show actually has some merit beyond being able to watch contestants get about as nature intended. This show on SBS may offer the perve factor, but little beyond that.

Nine Would Be Better Off Without Sky News And Going It Alone

Why do Channel Nine want to own a third of Sky News with its low viewership? After all, they could just launch their own news channel.

Seven Want To Abolish TV License Fees. What Do We Get In Return?

A question MUST be asked as part of the conversation surrounding abolishing TV license fees: What does Australia get in return?

The Late Late Show with Adam Pally. The Most Honest and Funny TV Hour of 2015.

US late night chat shows are built format and continual repetition. It’s pure TV comfort food built around the idea that viewers fall asleep to them on a nightly basis. And so, when a late night show does something out of the ordinary, it gets attention. Novelty episodes have been a long-time, yet irregular staple

Review: Hiding (S01E01)

There’s a strange romance attached to witness relocation. There’s the excitement and fear of dangerous criminals attached to stepping away from your identity entirely. You become someone entirely new, without the ability to touch upon your life of old for fear of recrimination. The new ABC series Hiding does a great job of touching upon

X Things That Need To Be Done For The X-Files To Come Back Properly

TV (and pop culture more widely) runs in 20 year cycles. Once a show concludes and enters the world of syndicated repeats, DVD/streamed relics, and almost distant memories, it has at least ten years of laying fallow and being just a little on the nose. Unless you were deeply in love, an oft-watched show begins

HBO’s Togetherness Establishes That We Don’t Want To ‘Binge’, We Want To Consume Naturally.

As the screen faded to black and the credits rolled on HBO’s new half hour series Togetherness, an immediate desire to press play for the next episode came upon me. My inability to do so, knowing I’d have to wait another seven days for the next episode to air, was the source of considerable frustration.

What Does Darkness at Noon Tell Us About ‘The Good Wife’?

Since last season The Good Wife has been making quiet reference to a fictional TV series ‘Darkness at Noon’. In the world of The Good Wife, Darkness At Noon is a Breaking Bad-like success series which is wildly popular. Introduced late last season, viewers and critics simply noted what the series was parodying and that