Madeleine Bond

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S07E01 – Frank's Pretty Woman

By Madeleine Bond

The Gross Crew is back! The seventh season premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia—Frank’s Pretty Woman—is one of those episodes that borders on disturbing, but is still unbelievably hilarious. As all true ‘Sunny’ fans can attest, any episode that mentions Charlie and Frank’s misadventures under the bridge, or Dee being asked to pull some Crack rocks out of Frank’s prostitute girlfriend’s backside, will be fantastic. And if that didn’t make it awesome enough, since we last saw him, Mac has gained 50 pounds.

Frank’s Pretty Woman focuses on three stories: Charlie’s attempt to help Frank find a slightly more respectable woman than his current girlfriend, Roxy (Alanna Ubach); Dee’s failed attempt to ‘pretty woman’ Roxy; and Dennis’ frustration—and eventual quasi-acceptance—of Mac’s weight gain.

There are so many moments in this episode that are purely ‘Sunny’. Its ability to make you laugh at something that you know you probably shouldn’t is what sets it apart from most comedies on TV. One scene in particular—which, don’t worry, I won’t spoil for you—I really should not have watched while eating dinner. I really regret that. It wasn’t so much that it was gross; it was more that I was laughing so hard that I nearly choked on my chicken.

Another wonderful aspect of Frank’s Pretty Woman was its references to episodes past, including: Dennis’ junkyard cat, Agent Bauer (from Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City); Charlie and Frank’s pastime of hanging out under the bridge; Dennis and Dee’s previous Crack addiction; and the Donovan McNabb impersonator makes a fantastic return. All of these references felt kind of rewarding, like it was a nod to fans who have stuck with the show from day one.

Frank’s Pretty Woman has no real downfall, although it would have been nice to see a little more of Mac. His storyline—while fantastic—felt a little too isolated from the others’. Its connection to Roxy was strained, at best. If they had given the story a little more time, then a real connection could have been made. This isn’t to say it wasn’t funny; I mean, he did carry around a garbage bag full of Mexican food to snack on whenever he felt like it.

This is one of those episodes that defines ‘Sunny’. The end of the last season had some oddly touching moments, something that, while funny, isn’t right for the show. I give this episode an A-, because it aptly returned to its core theme: the Gross Crew (as Dennis dubbed them) is a group of hilarious people who are capable of awful things.